Saturday, December 22, 2007

World Mix Tape #9 (Brazil via Taiwan)

Cangaceiro - Colorir

A Cidade Foi Construida - Colorir

rolo - Colorir

Went to a great experimental art and music festival a couple weeks ago called City Fables, The 5th City on the Move Art Festival. Held inside the industrial backlot of Taipei's living landmark, The Taiwan Beer Brewery, filmmakers and installation artists turned factory spaces into screening rooms as avant-guard electronic A/V artists and post-rock bands banged away on a stage outside. The musicians played in front of a large screen on which all manner of visual trickery was projected, often synched live to the performance.


Stretching over two weekends, City Fables housed a number of stunning, bewildering and moving performances from international as well as Taiwanese arists, bands and DJs, including Japan's Ryoichi Kurokawa, Austria's Bernhard Gal and Christof Cargnelli, and Taipei's Weather Man and 8mm Sky. All awesome.

However, my personal favorite was Brazilian free-music duo, Colorir, who play long improvisational, winding, thought-bending noise jams. The syncopated beat and feed-back driven sound they let pour, oscillates between sparse but sweet soundscapes and a pounding, screeching urgency. Plenty of mp3s, videos and a thorough mission statement all at their myspace. The first two tracks above are from Os Humores Do Poeta which is, I believe, the score for a contemporary dance performance. This perhaps explains the greater (or more conventional) structure in them than in that of the long fuzz-out track that follows.

It's available along with lots of other way cool cds at both Open Field Records and Peligro Discos.

Below, to clear up any confusion is Bablefish's translation, completely out of context, of Open Field's blurb about the album:

In English:
I find that Colorir it chooses its challenges for elimination. It gives until pra to enxergar Peter Francis and Dom Peter seated in a square bank if asking what to make. A turn for Asia? Good. To use a generator pra to touch inside of a waterfall? Already it was. To make the joy of the piazada one of a primary school? Made. It must have been thus that they had fallen in the dance contemporary. The pair also presented its sonorous track to the living creature, in turnê with the Cia de Dança Mimese.

The beautiful fuzzy-mind fuck, rolo, mentioned above is from Beliche, and is totally awesome in pretty much every way.

Randomly finding myself sitting next to Colorir during a set the next day, I asked if I could post some stuff on this site. Being the extremely friendly, gracious, and humble noise-rock-stars that they are, they not only agreed but gave me a couple of other Brazilian noise cds by Abesta and pan&tone. Below are some choice cuts.

BINC-300 - Abesta

BFA-920 - Abesta

Untitled 1 - pan&tone

Untitled 5 - pan&tone

Untitled 10 - pan&tone

The duo Abesta plays hardcore noise, their abrasive thrasing sound wonderfully balanced by an inventiveness and rhymic/textural curiousity, which fuse together in a take no prisoners spirit of adventure.

When circuit bender pan&tone lost the music files on his computer, he attempted to run a recovery program. The results are delightful and have an unwitting poignancy akin to my new favorite topic, spam fiction.

Both these Brazilian supergroups have lots of good downloads, videos, and other stuff at their respective WEB SITES.



Blogger Laz said...

Way to bond with the noise-band Mazur!

I'm gonna go have myself a merry little christmas now, with the other romaniacs. Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2007 2:44 PM  
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