Sunday, December 06, 2009

Best Music Of The Year (Already!)

I'm posting this so early to prove once again that I know best and that all those other blogs you read will follow my example. the actual reason I'm posting this is that I don't really listen to Western music anymore since I decided, as part of my immersion process, I would delete all English audio from my computer and listen to Japanese music, talk shows and comedians, like Ijuuin Hikaru:

Yes I know, hilarious isn't it. So, I probably won't find out about any new music between now and the new few weeks. Might as well post now, I think it's a pretty good list, I hope at least it's entertaining.

So........... This first video I posted before, it is of the Dirty Projectors. Great vocals, catchy, and you get the feeling that the singer is really really letting go of anything holding her back. (You can tell I did a lot of research for this since I don't even know "the singer"s name.)

Passion Pit are pretty solidly in the middle of the indie dance pop that's so big right now. I like them just because they write good original pop songs with a good beat.

I just found out about Girls, so I can't be sure if they are great, but I like them so far. The style is so plain, but their character shines through in the music enough that it's still one of the best, most original things to come out this year. I guess what I mean, is just that it's real.

And last, this may piss you off, you'll probably think I'm lame, but this is totally the most powerful moment in music of 2009. You know I'm right.