Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Future Post Year in Review 9375

It has been an exciting year, seeing a resurgence in the popularity of constructed world histories. Without any doubt, the driving force behind this movement was the history of Aegis 479. We genuinely cried, for the first time in centuries, when we uploaded the Biostratic Entity's debut into our group mind.

By now we all know the now iconic grace of the Paeric Empire's rise and slow destruction by the invading tribes from the southern continent. To sit with peasants among the ruins of their city and listen to the blind yul player Faridis Bochemid sing the sorrow of his peoples decline was by far the greatest moment in art this year.

We are still baffled and fascinated by the counter-culture that grew in the isolated East Yeprz. Their irresistible beats still keep us moving. We lost ourselves on the dance floor night after night, and found ourselves again in the morning festivities and cafes.

One thousand years later, the National Speaker's resignation speech following the first colonization of another planet combined with the religious turmoil of their times could even touch the coldest of our hive. We understood his decision, and we were proud to have him as a Speaker.

When live with the Biostratic Entity, we dance with the universal feelings of love and loss.

Faridis Bochemid - Thwixt Whixit


Sunday, November 16, 2008

World Mix Tape Vol. LXII

Yodeling isn't just for Tennessee mountain gypsies anymore my friends. It is also apparently a pygmy distress call, a call of mistrust, frustration, and misuse of dowry elephant tusks.

Francis Bebey - Pygmy Divorce

Something that bothers me more than almost any type of American egocentrism, is people's reaction in front of me when listening to music in something other than English, Spanish or french. They simply find it necessary to imitate the vocalist by wailing "lalelalelale" The way small children make fun of each other or communicate. When the voice is used as an instrument you don't have to understand. Watcha Clan's Sista Ka is Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and Berber using that and so much more in her music. I only understand half the words but It feels like the Spanish revolution and Franco is being Franco.

Watcha Clan - Quinto Regimiento

Watcha Clan - Balkan Qoulou

Huun Huur Tu is a group of Tuvan throat singers who also play such instruments as the Tuyug (Boiled and dried horses hooves clacked together) and the Xapchyk (Rattle made from sheep kneebones in bull's testicles.) This song however has other instruments in addition to the vocals which the liner notes fail to provide any description at all for. This song is from the album Live 2

Huun Huur Tu - Orai-La Boldu-La Kezhee-Le Boldu La


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cigarettes, and the songs they inspire

Well, so here's a post about cigarettes. As you all know I quit smoking sometime in something like February or March. Some might say I actually haven't quit since I still steal drags off smoker-friends, i. e. smoke. But on the other hand, smoking a whole cigarette makes me nauseous. So I've accomplished that, which is pretty good since I've been told by Mazur, Ohmygodimmike and Kuech that I used to smoke more than anyone ever in the history of the universe.

Oh, you're wondering how I quit? Why of course I'll share with you, the big secret of how to turn your life around and become a better, stronger and healthier person. The answer is angrily eating huge quantities of apples, then oranges, and then maybe some other fruit, and then chewing a lot of raspberry-flavored gum. Instead of smoking. And then, if you're like me, you might harmlessly start stealing drags every now and then. Especially at parties or when there's like a really really nice view. It's a risk I'm willing to take. Yes. That said here are all the songs I found on my iTunes when I did a search for cigarette.

Duke Ellington- Love is Like a Cigarette ( again, I know, I know)

Daniel Johnston- I Save Cigarette Butts

Tex Williams- Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette)

Sheila Hancock- My Last Cigarette

The J's with Jamie- My Cigarette and I


Monday, November 10, 2008

World Mix Tape Vol. 8

My idea of roots music has been completely upset. What is the real feeling we have when we hear some old-timey music and feel like this is the real thing. Something like old country, Muddy Waters playing the acoustic, something like that. Something where you feel your heart strings being plucked away, and think "this is my culture, this is where I really come from."

Well I'm not sure what that means anymore. I for one, come from what barely resembles an American heritage, my family only having a history that dates back to a three generations. I am not country. I am not the blues.

In Japan, there is a traditional style of music called Enka, which is fantastic, but is mostly ignored by the younger people. It's seen as lame and only for old people. Now everything that is (ultra-)cool here in Japan comes from the West. Rock, hip-hop, fashion, psychedelic imagery, etc... nothing can be both traditional and cool, there is a strict divide between the two things.

For the past year there has been a rising star in the Enka scene, who is both capturing the hearts of old and young alike. His name is Jero and he fucking rocks, have a look:

Even, here, there is some tie to the roots and the person. Jero is one-quarter Japanese. But what about having no ties at all? You may remember another Tuareg band I posted a while ago called Tinariwen, this group is similar. I have no ties to them, but to me, this is what roots is all about.

Tartit - Houmeissa


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Okay So Whats With All The Postage?(sarcasm)


** Barack Obama will soon be the president of the United States of America -- wow.

* I dropped $50 on ezarchive space.

* The elusive Mazur Beam got a girlfriend; hearsay -- rides motorscooter to work daily through intense mindboggling Taipei road traffic; fact.

* I read Gravity's Rainbow: "... and one of the SS liason men (Weissmann isn't here) keeps looking at his watch, then at the sky, then the watch, the crystal becoming, in brief flashes on/off, a nacreous circle binding together the hour and the fleecy sky." -- It was pretty frustrating, but also, of course, in a certain, fluctuating way, both awesome, and boring.

*Ok so maybe hippies are pretty cool after all

*Mike joined facebook


*I'm in a band with the guitarist! ahh!

****%JV*FJ^%uu$$# (this is the thing that I cannot say)