Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Future Post Year in Review 9375

It has been an exciting year, seeing a resurgence in the popularity of constructed world histories. Without any doubt, the driving force behind this movement was the history of Aegis 479. We genuinely cried, for the first time in centuries, when we uploaded the Biostratic Entity's debut into our group mind.

By now we all know the now iconic grace of the Paeric Empire's rise and slow destruction by the invading tribes from the southern continent. To sit with peasants among the ruins of their city and listen to the blind yul player Faridis Bochemid sing the sorrow of his peoples decline was by far the greatest moment in art this year.

We are still baffled and fascinated by the counter-culture that grew in the isolated East Yeprz. Their irresistible beats still keep us moving. We lost ourselves on the dance floor night after night, and found ourselves again in the morning festivities and cafes.

One thousand years later, the National Speaker's resignation speech following the first colonization of another planet combined with the religious turmoil of their times could even touch the coldest of our hive. We understood his decision, and we were proud to have him as a Speaker.

When live with the Biostratic Entity, we dance with the universal feelings of love and loss.

Faridis Bochemid - Thwixt Whixit