Thursday, September 18, 2008


Umm, I couldn't help but notice that our blog is dying. It's fading fast and there's no time to lose! Actually maybe we don't care anymore. That could be the case. I thought about that, but come on. That's so so sad. I'm not going to let it become some internet wasteland, a hollowed out site where, like, fuckin internet digital tumbleweeds roll around and greedy vultures pick at whatever Mp3-links still work.

So I'm going to post some fantastic music and hope for the best, which sadly, at this point is just to get the members of this blog, us, to start reading it again. And maybe Grant Miller.

First off, there's Styx Tyger. I have this friend Josef Bull, and when we went out for coffee he told me that he and his best friend Alex Blomkvist have this little band-project going on. "Isn't that nice", I thought and proceeded to forget about it forever. But then one night a week later I stumbled upon their myspace page and listened to this song in my dark livingroom, and pretty much lost my mind.

Styx Tyger- String Strikes

Listen loud. Holy crap, right? Right? I couldn't believe it! It's seriously the most beautiful song I've heard in something like years, and I didn't even know Josef could sing! But he can! Like a little angel! This song lifts you, and with the risk of sounding utterly pretentious and cliché, touches your soul. There's no other words for it. It makes me think of Chris Isaak and flashes of 80's childhood sunset nostalgia. It's familiar and full of love yet it leads you somewhere completely new. And it's so nice to hear my good friends voice like that. For the first time in a really long time I was filled with that jaw-dropping admiration and the kind of band pride which I often felt in my teens about the bands I knew.

The song is an Agent Side Grinder cover (Alex is as of last year in that band too, and their pretty singer is also a friend of mine. Oh yes), and they've changed it almost beyond recognition. The original is definitely cool too, so check it our here.

This summer my friend and I went on a trip to Taiwan to see cob-logger extraordinaire Mazur who then later joined us to travel around China for a while. In Taiwan he took us on an amazing scooter trip, through... paradise basically. I've never felt so alive as when I crashed into that aboriginal mosaic and down that ditch on that first day. A few hours after that happened though, and further up into the mountains we stopped to ask for directions for the nearest gas station. Mazur went into this house/tent and didn't come out, but I could hear a faint melody so I went in too. Inside Mazur was dancing with 3 or 4 tipsy Taiwanese women, and one of them was singing karaoke. It was the mandarin version of " More Than I Can Say", and I started dancing too, with my helmet still on and my gauzed up bloody arms waving in the air. Aida joined us shortly thereafter and when the song ended we just got on our scooters and left.

Leo Sayer- More Than I Can Say

After that I started singing this song out loud in my helmet because I found it very soothing. I didn't crash again. Except for once. But that wasn't a real crash it was more the scooter getting away from me and falling over. Right.

Yes. I want to post 5 more songs. For good measure. I listened to these on long train rides in China. In luxury soft sleepers or sitting on a piece of cardboard over floors wet with pee, and everything in between.

Impressions- Fool for You

Tilly and the Wall- Reckless

Tap-dance break-down! Yes!

My Morning Jacket- Librarian

I really love this one. It makes me think of my best friend.

My Morning Jacket- Touch Me I'm Going to Scream

Megapuss- Crop Circle Jerk (?)


Blogger Grant Miller said...

Any of you going to Malkmus and the Jicks up in Madison? I'm contemplating whether to go since I missed him in Chicago and I'm a fanboy.

Are any of you even in Madison anymore?

September 25, 2008 12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Love you more than I can say" was the one song that the kareoke-hostesses in Hanoi always would put on as a first song, and they'd sing it together with you. It's very easy to sing, and you very easily end up having it inside your brain for days. It's a very catchy tune.

PS. The Josef Bull link seems to not quite work, so I went to their Myspace page. That guy can sing! DS.

/Anonymous Transmissions fan

September 25, 2008 8:44 AM  
Blogger Laz said...

Mr. Miller! You came back to us! This will surely inspire my cob-loggers to post stuff too. Surely.

Only one of us still lives in Madison. You will find Ohmygodimmike driving around in a green(?), listening to WORT (obscure world music), honking at everything (because he does whatever he pleases) and the comics and fliers in his backseat may or may not be on fire.

I'll check the Styx Tyger link. It seems to work for me, but I'll repost it just in case. I'm so glad you agree with me about Bull's amazing voice! Spread the word Anonymous fan, spread the word.

September 25, 2008 11:06 PM  
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