Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Origami-Schmorigami, the class

Things heard during my first class teaching origami:

- My nervous heartbeats (I'm sure).

- "These instructions are retarded".
- "I'm sorry but these instructions are totally retarded".
- "Yes, the instructions are retarded."
- "Actually, don't look at the instructions for the crane, they will only confuse you more".
- "No, fucking, way. I'm not doing this" (Dangerous Minds-type student) And then, later: "I'm gonna practice all weekend and then I'm gonna come back and fold the crap out of these papers!". I asked him if he was being sarcastic by any chance, and no, he wasn't. Youtube will help him he said.
-"No that's a valley fold, it's supposed to be a mountain fold, dumbass". (Really cocky student who just learned how to fold something).

All in all, I think I did OK. Everybody learned how to fold something. Two of them went modular, which, heh, is pretty complicated. One girl was a freakin' genius and made up her own flesh-eating plants. A shy heavy metal guy sporting the obligatory thin blond baby-moustasche learned how to fold a pretty pretty flower which he was extremely proud of and couldn't stop looking at for the rest of the class. (If he's anywhere near as smart as he looks, and I think he is, he'll eventually understand what an amazing babe-magnet origami truly is).

Flight of the Concords- Ladies of the World