Thursday, November 06, 2008

Okay So Whats With All The Postage?(sarcasm)


** Barack Obama will soon be the president of the United States of America -- wow.

* I dropped $50 on ezarchive space.

* The elusive Mazur Beam got a girlfriend; hearsay -- rides motorscooter to work daily through intense mindboggling Taipei road traffic; fact.

* I read Gravity's Rainbow: "... and one of the SS liason men (Weissmann isn't here) keeps looking at his watch, then at the sky, then the watch, the crystal becoming, in brief flashes on/off, a nacreous circle binding together the hour and the fleecy sky." -- It was pretty frustrating, but also, of course, in a certain, fluctuating way, both awesome, and boring.

*Ok so maybe hippies are pretty cool after all

*Mike joined facebook


*I'm in a band with the guitarist! ahh!

****%JV*FJ^%uu$$# (this is the thing that I cannot say)