Sunday, September 24, 2006

Future Post 3030

It's the year 2106, unestimated changes have occured in the last century. weaponry has advanced as well as genetic endowment. Many thought that changing your childs eye color is playing god and opening Pandora's box. Well there must not be a name for the box that has been opened by the government. They stole the top genenticists in the world and now give carbon-subsidies for those who volenteer their children to be genetically endowed as basically the perfect human. . Sign under the dotted line and you're eternally enslaved as a gubernatorial fighting machine. Optic diodes can now be placed behind a citizens eyes to show everything they see on cctv. Basically using you're eyes as lenses. This is only if the person is cohersed into volenteering for such a thing. But now since life legally begins at conception a parent can submits to their child having diodes placed. After a diode is implanted the only way to have privacy of sight is to look crookedly at everything so the diode thinks you're looking straight. Unfortunately now scientists are making the diodes directionally sensitive. The internet has turned into a raging, non-sensicle, narcissustic hell hole, with governmental supervision up so high, degeneration is also at an all-time high. When you do a search on the internet 98% of it comes up as sex, bloody rape, animal sex, people being shot, people being eaten by lions, people cutting off their own extremeties, and so on. About two percent of the population still craves knowledge, but there simply dying off.

We are now in the 2pacalyptic reign of the all powerful United States. It seems as though 2pac has risen from the dead and been elected president. Anyone with half a brain knows that it's just a governmental figurehead tarnishing his name in order to mobilize all the gangsters and wanna be gangsters into holocaustic angst. It's only allowable these days to play gangster rap in public. It's the only way they knew how to deal with the overwhelming problem of thugs roaming the streets in anarchy looking for violence. Make them fight for us. If you can't beat 'em them join 'em. Such an abrasive force needs to be on our team. Well not my team, their enemy. As if that wasn't enough they made viniscular petrol half price for those who Join their team. Viniscular Petrol is another fossil fuel (hybrid of petrol) they managed to invent purely for the purpose of exploitation. In the midst of the worst fuel crisis in history that is the only way anyone can get around by not walking or biking. They made the electric bike almost impossible to get, The quadrangle moped is still being horded by big business and only sold at extortionist prices.

What angers the idiom underground the most is that they still try to pass this off as a democracy. It's what they call a cogitational democracy, basically they rigged the election so only the ruling elite or those directly involved with the military's vote is counted. The one bright spot is that the idiom underground's cult leader is The Great Deltron 3030. The former underground rapstar's prophetic holding body has now transformed into a powerful neuromancer. The great scientist of the 36th decade discovered celluloidal phenomena which can allow the host body to undertake physical landscape sculpting for those lucky enough to have been blessed by his work . Deltron and the great scientest are select members of the quasi-demensoinal guild where decades are measured as centuries with even enough information to fit a millenniums work into ten year periods because of the morph in the intra-dementional space time shift. The host body's mind can operate at a thousand times the power and effeciency than that of those with ordinary cerebral output. The quasi-dimensional guild want to take out the 2pacylptic party as soon as possible before Mother Nature takes care of all the common people. The Quasi-dimentional guid wants the coup achieved mostly with the mind, but also with body-morphine infiltration skills. They want it done cleanly and correctly. Hit them at the core. Washington. Only politicians die. Their still a patron to their own bureaucracy that they methodically crafted around. They haven't even have to implemint martial law. That was done cleanly and correctly and artistically, you have to give them credit for that. And here I sit, in the basement of the Quasi-dimentional's headquarters in a cave in an appalachian cliff, working as there scribe and bookeeper. Alone and paranoid and on drugs. They don't realize I have to be on amphetemines to keep up with brains that function exponentially faster than my measely post-human cranium.

Here's a track from our great future leader



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