Sunday, August 13, 2006

Moving Days

Moving day is coming up, Mike and I have been ditched by our other three roommates for random bullshit excuses. So were left to clean and throw out all the crap we don't need. With most of the furniture gone the mice have been coming out more than usual and Lucy has been letting her killer instict run wild. She is a killing machine, heres a few shots of her in action.


Yes Yes, moving day is great fun. Every year the second week of August is like musical houses in Madison. The problem is for it to work they make everyone move out on the 14th of August but no one can move in until the 15th. So a lot of people join the bums for a day. We for example we'll be sleeping on the couch we threw to the curb, hopefully it doesn't rain. I feel so guiltless throwing away so much stuff that could accomodate so many people. I always try to be resourceful but it's kind of hard with a house full of crap and only a small car to transport it. At least all the junk on the side of the road means hippie Chaunnakah for those who actually are resourceful.

The slumlords of Madison, WI don't make it any easier. They like to prey on students who are already spending thousands of dollars on tuition, by alloting them crumpling apartments. Meanwhile the city council keeps accepting bids for giant construction corporations like Findorf to build million dollar condominiums for rich people. The increasing gentrification of this city is making me sick. It used to be a haven for poor hippies and middle-class liberals, now the mayor and city-council are being increasingly corrupted by builders and it's an invitation for rich east coast students (in-state tuition has been raised while out-of-state has been lowered) to move into the condo's on campus and for wealthy large business owners to move into the million dollar lakeside condo's downtown. Meanwhile here we are in a falling apart house that they will inevitably blame us for fucking up and take our security deposit. If they do I'm burning something down. Figuratively of course (wink.)

I'm posting a Sonu Kakkar song. She's an indian pop star with a great voice, but still permorms music from all indian genres not just pop. She sings the more traditional sufis as well, which is what I'm posting. It's from an album she was grateful to be a part of because it's a compilation with some of her favorite artists such as Abida Parveen. Nusrat Feteh Ali Khan is another one of her idols, she has good taste. It's interenting to note that she has had no formal training in music.

Sonu Kakkar - Yada Teri Yaad



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