Thursday, October 19, 2006

Future Post &)_#gGGG

I am holding in my hand right now, and am looking at, an actual, factual, physical ipod. I can even feel the drives gently whirring away on occasion through the nano-fiber of my skingrafts. It was my grandfathers that he bought in 2017 when ipods were getting unwieldly small. Back then small unwieldly things were a fashion statement. I had to fix it up a little, because it's lithium ion batteries(!) had long ago worn themselves out and the feeble hard drive had puttered its poor self out its last playlist.

I went to my grandfathers reanimation ceremony on Jantus Alpha for the weekend and although its not that big of a deal, he felt very grateful that I was the only one of my generation to attend. Dressed like Milla Jovovich in the beginning of The 5th Element, he put his fresh new arm around me and took me aside. He said, because he knew I was into kitch, and that he was really very grateful that I showed up, that he wanted me to have his ipod.

Sizewise the ipod is stuck right between usefulness and transdermal implantation. Historically it must have been an era when the miniturization process had not reached a level where it could be used invisibly and connected to neural circuits, but still was at an advanced microprocessing stage. The manufacturers still had to show off the limits of how far it could be shrunk to, and as a result the thing is next to impossible to use.

But enough about the outside. What I found inside is a whole other story. All this recent hype about Semi-Innovational Rock Band 3 is completely put into perspective browsing through my grandfathers database. Now, I know people try and be retro all the time and like you I listen to my share of 20th/21st century music, but what we lack is the historical perpective. We can listen to Semi-Innovational Rock Band 3, or 4 or 5, or check out Experimentalism-Electonic Stream of Consciousness Generator and look at the artistic references and influence sound clips embedded in the booklet, but its a totally dry experience. Playing with this now archaic device you begin to understand the technological restrictions people had. I know my grandfather never liked half these bands, but back then you had to actually listen to something to know if youd really like it. So here im left to explore artists that he liked, and ones he didn't. Some he'd found because corporate engines had piloted them into his ipod, and others made their way in on an offbeat title or by an idea that plays out better in theory than in sound.

For you entertainment, I have taken all the tracks with the letters, A, K, I, R and A again, these I siphoned through a sound animator and abridged them into this single three minute, nine second track. Enjoy,

Kaneda - Geinoh Yamashirogumi



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