Saturday, November 18, 2006

My non-ficticious life. Vol. II (Halloween)

It was halloween a few years back and I was dressed as a gangster. I got seperated from my friends and was wandering down State Street alone looking for them. State Street is the pedestrian mall in Madison where people go to shop and hang out at coffee shops and at night go to one of the many atrocities we call drinking establishments. Every year on Halloween thousands of people gather to celebrate. The more infamouse the celebration became the more people from other college towns began coming to madison with alcohol and violence on their minds. It's nearly impossible to find friendly faces among the mobs of costumed college students so I eventually gave up looking for my friends and began shooting my fake tommy gun at the rows of police officers lining up to protect the storefronts trying unsuccesfully to provoke a reaction.

At this time I caught the eye of some random girl and she showed her affection without hesitation, putting her arm around me and telling me how she thinks guys with piercings are hot. We waded through grips of people and cops on horses and found a party somewhat off the beaten path. The next thing I remember is making out on the stairs of the party with people having to step over us to get up or down the stairs. At some point in the night, a little sobered up, which is why it's the next thing I remember, we began talking about car accidents we had been in. She hesitated a little bit with embarasment before telling me a few weeks back she had hit a pedestrian.

This reminded me of a recent incident where my sister was running in the pouring rain through a crosswalk always bustling with students to her class and was hit by a truck creeping slowly through. The girl driving got out, apologizing profusely, and offered to drive her to a hospital. She didn't know where one was and my sister through her concussion had to direct her. In her haste she forgot to get any insurance information or her name to be later reimbursed for the hospital bill.

So this girl, who by the way is named "cricket." That's right her name is "Cricket" and she grew up on a farm and milked cows throughout her childhood. Which I guess isn't that uncommon where I'm from, but anyways she is talking to me about her incident and it begins to sound a lot like my sisters incident. So I say

"was the girl you hit about 5 feet with dark brown hair and named Sara?" and she says,
"Uhh, how did you know that?" So I said
"Cuz it was my sister."

So as her mind drifts back to that day she begins to cry uncontrollably. I keep telling her that it's allright and it's gonna be ok and can I have your full name and what's your insurance company.

Meanwhile, Madison on Halloween has been known to host riots for the last few years. THis was the first year there was rioting and tear gas was used. THey were provoked by a girl in a window stripping, but I guess she didn't go all the way and the crowd got pissed. It didn't take much and my friends I am proud to admit were some of the main catalysts. THey would organize the mosh pits by yelling 123 charge, and everyone would charge and a huge group of people from every direction would converge into one huge mash circle and start brawling. They had no cause other than alcohol. Eventually someone broke the windows to loot the liquer store(pictured top left), and my friend was on the recieving end of a man passing out bottles of booze through the broken glass. 8 or 9 bottles were then passed along to my other friend who put them into the back of his jeep for safe keeping. Unfortunately at about 6 in the morning when he was cohersed by some needy girl to give her a ride home he ran a red light and was t-boned by another motorist. He was under the legal limit but also under 21, but the cops took the liquor and tried to charge him with felony burglery.

In conclusion, he was dismissed of all charges and my sister never got her money and Cricket didn't end up being very cool.


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