Monday, March 05, 2007

Just Doing My Job

I guess my job as a music blogger is to help people find out about new music... and since we have such a glorious readership these new bands will inevetably become famous. They may not realize it was because we posted them on Transmissions from Wintermute but that's o.k. We're just doing our job.

Todays lucky band is my friends sisters band hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota. There Name is Digitata. Here is their Myspace Page

This band is cool. They have tracks with names such as "Oscar Wilde Breakdown" and "Bangin' Jessica Alba". However their fame will certainly be a result of being featured on Transmissions from Wintermute

They have lots of indie friends too, who are on what I believe is a record label called Totally Gross National Product.

This label features bands with cool names such as Mel Gibson and the Pants and Building better bombs, who share members with Digitata.

One of there better known friends is Punk/Rapper P.O.S. (Building Better Bombs is actually his side project as well)
Who is trying to follow in Atmosphere's path of genious into fame and glory (I heard somewhere that Atmosphere has the largest female following (By %) as any other musical group on the planet), and will inevitably succeed because of the help of Transmissions from Wintermute

Back to topic...I will be posting a Digitata track from their first release Sexually Trasmitted Emotions, I happen to know they have a new album coming out as soon as it is finalized, if it isn't already. My friend wouldn't let me burn their new album since it was hijacked off his sister's hard-drive, and I guess I'm not privy to such things, even though I'm a famous blogger.

Digitata - Any Way You Work It