Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Down the Highway, Down the Tracks, Down the Road to Ecstasy! Road Trip Mix Tape vol.II

Since my parents never had a car, and I certainly don't own one either, road trips have been rare in my life. The first ones I remember were from traveling all over Romania every summer when I was a kid. There was no music, just the sound of uncle Nici making fun of every single car that passed us. They we're all idiots. All of them. I never knew where we were going, or why, nor did I care. All I wanted was to sit there next to my distant relatives and look out the window at whatever the landscape had to offer. ( Which was a lot, I mean, we’re talking Romania here...). Alright, here’s my contribution to the mix:

Fleetwood Mac- Albatross

Just after you picked up everyone and got coffee, but before people need to pee, this song is perfect. Everything is just fine.

Talking Heads- Road to Nowhere

Well of course. This is the song. The best song. For road trips. For biking. For flying. For riding the bus or subway. For walking. For doing anything that basically takes you forwards.
This was also the song that smart-ass older siblings would hum when their parents got lost on the way to somewhere, which I always thought was hilarious. Older siblings are so cool sometimes.

Bob Dylan- Idiot Wind

I love this song because it’s so happy and angry and bitter at the same time. I don’t know how you can even pull that off in one song, but he does. Of course. It’s just so awesome how everything is somebody else's fault, because even though that’s rarely entirely true, it’s just how you feel sometimes. It’s also fun to sing along to.

Totoro- Totoro Theme Song

OK, this is something else entirely. If you lose the sense of purpose with you road trip, and if you want to feel like your in an surreal, beautiful, epic animé movie, you need to play this song. All of a sudden this trip is important and filled with meaning. You’re your way to absolute greatness. This works best driving past wast snowy fields...at dawn. Or dusk. Really fast.