Monday, March 05, 2007


The whole world now knows all too well that our great leader George W. Bush is a murdering murderer. However, very few know that his quiet, unassuming wife, the first lady Laura Bush is a murderer, or as she was known at the time, Laura Welch.

She was dating the most popular guy at school until she ran a stop sign and killed him. Here is the article

It turns out that they had recently broken up, so is it possible that she killed him on purpose.

Of course not, she's not that clever.

Regardless, many who in an act of negligence kill someone behind the wheel are charged with manslaughter, whether it be right or wrong. No charges were filed against Laura Bush. The City Attorney said "as far as we know, no charges were filed." and "I don't think it's unusual that charges weren't filed."

O.K. I've had to deal with a lot of district Attorney's, and I'm pretty sure most of them aren't that nice(or dumb). It is there job to press charges against people, and if it were a young black male that did the same thing would he have been charged? I would be willing to bet on it, and if one of the Bush kids was killed by a young black male would the prosecuting attorney be saying, " seemed like an innocent mistake, I don't think it's unusual not to file charges."

It actually doesn't matter at all, it was 40 some years ago, but Laura Bush pisses me off almost as much as the president, just because everyone likes her so much, she's not that great. Seriously.

To sooth my agitated mind I will be posting some more great music, this time it will be from an album of covers called, "Songs we Should have written" by Firewater. A band that has been described as "Eastern Europen circus music" is much tamer and friendlier on this album. They have ties to such bands as Balkan Beat Box and Gogol Bordello.

I challenge my cobloggers to do a post of covers as well, although I believe Mazur may already have done that, I challenge thee again.

Firewater - The Beat Goes on

A sonny and cher song. Played at Bono's funeral

Firewater - I Often Dream of Trains

A Robyn Hitchcock song. I must admit I've never heard the original but I love this cover.