Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hey ya'll (World mix tape volume whatever/Song's I found on the street)

I'm glad to be back, this is literally the first time I've seen a computer with an internet connection in 3 months. The lab that I was working at in antarctica was recently destroyed by a bunch of mad norwegians that for some reason were trying to shoot a dog from a helicopter and then crashed into our satelite dish disrupting most communication with the civilized world.

I have to say that was a rough 3 months. Being the lab bitch in Antarctica is the worst gig ever, other than when I had to paint crosswalks for that summer and got hit by a mopeder who was carrying a bladder of red wine. The terrifying shock of extreme isolation and frigid antarctic winds that pierced through my whale blubber came close though. The rest isn't all that interesting, it just involved mutant wolf breeds and saving polar bears form extinction... temporarily.

This however is not an excuse and I know nothing can repair the bridges I've burned from my 3 month or so absence from this blog. But I'm back now and the autumn weather is fine in comparison, and on my first day back I found a crate of cd's my next door neighbor was apparently throwing to the curb. As much as he is an idiot for throwing away these cd's he does have good taste in music.

Here are some tracks

Lo' Jo + Django - Jah Kas Cool Boy
After dropping my Ipod in the snow my second day in Antarctica I was in such music withdrawal that listening to this song made me cry so hard I couldn't breath. This band lives in a tribal community in western France known as the Loire region, they live among "poets, acrobats, artists and circus performers." They helped organize the Festival in the Desert in the Sahara with Tinariwen which is where this track was recorded.

Dj Dolores Y Orchestra Santa Massa - A Danca da Moda

This guy is from Brazil and mixes local music to make beats heard in dance clubs around the world.

Fat Freddy's Drop - Hope
From New Zealand, reggea style can be attributed to DJ Fitchie. Vocalist is Dallas Tamaira (aka Joe Dukie)

Sorry to kill the Rockies fire Mazur. I'm a believer now though. Go Rockies!!!