Wednesday, July 26, 2006

band camp lose

me and Mazur have been visiting our friend Zach at interlochen band camp in Michigan, it's where art lives, at least that's what they say, what the fuck. Music nerds are crazy. What the fuck. It's cool though cuz we get free food, the only problem is we have to dress like all the other music nerds, or they'll catch on and kick us out. Mazur fits in better than I do. So today we dressed up in our navy blue shorts and blue dress shirts and went to the middle-school girls dining hall to eat. We were the only males and the only ones older than 18. The elementary students are forced to wear dark-blue knee socks while the middle school girls had to wear red knee socks and the older girls light blue. It was like a dirty-dirty time warp. but at least I knew what girls I could check out and not feel too dirty. I was also informed that the age of consent in Michigan is only 16. This was good news. Unfortunately I have not yet taken advantage of this. Just kidding I'm not a pervert, especially if having sex with a 16 year old isn't considered perverted. but I guess I'll have the rest of my life to take advantage of Michigan's laws.

Next time when I'm home I'll post some music.


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