Sunday, August 20, 2006

Larry Yes - Naked

Larry Yes comes from a group of artists in New Mexico who also run the record label discobolus. The other artists are good as well, psychedelic folk musicians basically, but Larrys voice gets me the most. His voice was annoying at first to me, but by the end of the first track here where hes singing the wordless chorus over and over youre totally hooked in its catchyness.

Larry Yes - Live Your Lovely Smile

There are only two people who know what this song is about Larry Yes and whoever its to. We can make assumptions and educated guesses, hypothesize if you will, but well just never be sure. The song was intended to be sung right into the head of the reciever, wasting almost no time on verses and just singing the chorus again and again. The idea that someones smile is so lovely that theres no time to be wasted on sadness is a nice one to me.