Saturday, November 25, 2006

Songs For A Dead Turkey

Funeral Home - Daniel Johnston

NYC’s Like a Graveyard - The Moldy Peaches

MTV Is My Source For New Music - Anal Cunt

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in America. The time when we get together and tip toe around the issue of genocide. And the war in Iraq. We also discuss which new television commercials we like. My aunt and uncle, being the great and sexy people that they are, were kind enough to let me masticate with them once again. My uncle used to be a cop, and he showed me the right way to hold a gun and a flashlight when checking out the situation. He also pulled the old Daisy Red Flyer BB guns out of the basement and his daughters and me shot cans in the back yard, which was sweet because my mom (his sister) would never let me play with guns whatsoever when I was a kid. She also wouldn’t let me have a Nintendo and was very anti-pornography. And now I’m a sociopath. All joking aside, it was another lovely Thanksgiving.

At the top are some songs for the dead turkey I consumed yesterday.

The first track is by Daniel Johnston, who seems to be blowin’ up (well, relatively) since the great critical success of Jeff Feuerzeig’s documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston. I say this because Eternal Yip Eye Music, the company that’s pretty much single-handedly maintained by Johnston’s old manager, and which used to deal only in cassettes, finally released, and remastered, some of the early Daniel Johnston albums on to CD. These include Continued Story/Hi How Are You (from 1985 and 83 respectively), Yip/Jump Music, and the newly complied White Magic (from unreleased cassette recordings). You can buy them, and pretty much all his other available stuff HERE. I went to The Hill (Boulder’s hipity little student area) today with money in my pocket for a haircut, but the stupid barber shop was closed. However, it’s located down the street from the record store, so I wandered in to say Hi to my friend Kyle. Kyle asked if I wanted to get “stoned” in the "alley" and the next thing I knew I was standing confused on the street holding a recently purchased copy of Hi How Are You. I was fine.

The Anal Cunt song posted is off of their 1994 album Everyone Should Be Killed. I thought that was worth mentioning.


Blogger Laz said...

what exatly IS Thanksgiving? Ive seen it on TV like billion times, but everybody says its something differrent. I suspect its like the Addams family kids' little play at camp something something.

November 27, 2006 11:04 AM  
Blogger Mazur said...

It's actually exactly like the Happy Days' Thanksgiving special, where the Fonz dresses up like an indian brave and the Cunninghams are pilgrams. That's pretty much what it's like for every American family, across the board. The only difference is that some comsume a higher proof alcohol that others.

November 28, 2006 1:26 AM  
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