Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Amazing World of Song Poems

If you listen to these songs they sound like pretty normal 60's or 70's songs, but then, if you are the type of person who listens to lyrics, you will notice that there's something very different about them. All of a sudden you're hit with lyrics like: orgasmic explosion of love, enhances the child, why a floodgate of love circles throughout saturnate, the missing link of destiny. All you can do is stand there, with your mind spinning and your mouth hanging open. That's from The Virgin Child of the Universe a song poem by an unknown author, I will post that one too next week for a christmas post, because it's just really christmasy, why with the choir and all.

The reason these songs are called Song Poems is because the people who did the advertisements for it didn't expect their clientele to even know what the word "lyric" meant. Everybody knows what song and a poem means, you write the "poem" and we write the "song". This is a very intresting way of making music in my opinion. There's something about the clash between the words written by "regular" people, with stuff on their minds,( whether it is about the god damn hippies or about seeing a ghost and wondering if its your friend) and the polished sound of the music and voice of the professionals performing the piece. Often you do hear them struggle with making the sentances fit into the catchy tunes they wrote, this makes for a very special sound indeed. It's like trying to squeeze an angry ice cream-eating, glass eye-throwing, obese cowboy with 300 waving arms, riding on a yellow and gold striped elephant on roller skates with vampires and tentacles and fireworks coming out of it's ass, into a nice clean automobile of some sort. Not an easy task at all, but not impossible.( This is a sound that can sometimes be found in the first singer/song writer-attempts of teenagers. Not that those songs were at all catchy, they were just sweet acne-grunge, at least when it comes to my generation.)

I wonder what people would be writing about today, if song poems hadn't died out in the late 70's. I hope this genre will make a come back, because compaired to those lyrics, that come straight from the minds of people who have to tell the world about their interest for yellow things, or hamburgers, alot of music today is just a whole lot of generic bullshit about love.

So here are the songs, they are amazing. For more visit this fantastic webpage and download more song poems then you ever thought you needed.

Hamburger Baby

The tale of a man and how he met the hamburger of his dreams. ( I think, or are we talking a half woman half burger creature here, like I originally thought?)

Kay Weaver - Womans Liberation

She understands alot of things, but the one thing she doesn't understand is Womans Liberation. Anybody can get confused.

Shelley Stewart - Vampire Husband

The sexiest song ever written.

Dick Kent - Octopus Woman Please Let Me Go

So moody. So good. Enjoy.


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