Sunday, December 10, 2006

World Mix Tape Vol. 2

Ohmygodimmike has delegated the rights to contribute to others now, so here is my installment of the world mix tape.

The first track is from my favorite Japanese punk band Star Club. The only group of its kind who actually toured outside of the US in the '80s these guys started out as a poppier branch of the hardcore punk scene, readily mixing slower Post-Punk aesthetics with hardcore similar to a few other Japanese bands, drawing no distinction between the two genres like their counterparts in the west. I must say though, these guys did it the best. Eventually they degenerated (slightly) into a Sex Pistols rip-off band, but I think the later stuff is still not so bad. So here is a track off their first EP from '81 Club Take One that leans more to the post-punk side than some of their other tracks. For more info check here.

The Times - Star Club

Second is a bollywood song, pretty different from the last track. I guess I'm going for a compare and contrast thing. Still, I think theres a little bit of a similarity in the sprawing epic-ness of both these, the singing doesn't even come in until about the 3 minute mark. From the eponymous movie of the classic tale of a lower class cook's daydreams made into song, its also some of the best pop music imaginable. Being uncompromisingly disco, this track is even sometimes even called the "Dancing Queen" of bollywood.

Aap Jaise Koi - Nazia Hasan & Zoheb

Also what Bollywood track would be comlete without the music video: