Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mazur's Best-of '06 list

As stated below, due to many internal and external complications, Transmissions From Wintermute went un-updated for over 2 weeks. That is totally uncool and we apologize for said uncoolness. Here, almost 2 weeks into the new year, is my belated 1/4 of Transmissions From Wintermute’s Official Best-of ‘06 Mix Tape. Offered to you as an anthropological artifact, from the dark times of 2006, is the post I wrote on Dec. 22nd:

I’m currently trapped in the middle of that blizzard that’s enveloped Colorado and much of America. You may have heard about it on TV. I’m suppose to graduate from the University of Colorado today, but it was uncertain weather (get it!) the film department’s ceremony was even gonna be held anymore, although it doesn’t really matter since half of my family is trapped in the midwest. It’s cool thought because it’s given me a chance to do some last minute college (and therefore justified) drinking, and find the peace to meditate on the important things in life, like the best songs of 2006.

I completely agree with our pirate captian DJ’s philosophy on How I Learned...’s concise three song best year lists; rather than bogging you down with boastful over saturation, we each give you 3 or 4 great songs, at least one of which is guaranteed to rock your sox off cowboy style.

Liars - Drum and the Uncomfortable Can

As I have said twice before on our site, Liars are one of the best new bands around and Drums Not Dead is hands down my favorite album from 2006. And then there’s this song, so dark and so sexy. You can listen to the whole album, and watch the videos for it HERE.

Sonic Youth - Incinerate

I was hesitant to put this on, because Rather Ripped, even though I definitely like it, really isn’t that great of an album. At least for me, the stripped down garage rock sound didn’t compare to the lovingly woven noise melodies of '02's Murray Street or even parts of Sonic Nurse, but I suppose that’s all a matter of taste. This song really does it for me though. Its nice to hear these old school noise rockers cut through all the pop cultural bullshit of ‘06 with a straight-up beautiful and heart lifting anthem.

Awesome Snakes - Shut Up

I know this is totally fucked up, but I actually don’t own any Awesome Snakes (because as of now, you can’t find their debut, Venom outside of the Midwest, and the website is sold out), so the above Title is a link to their myspace page where you can listen to Shut Up and 3 more Awesome songs (one with Minneapolis rapper P.O.S). This is the work of Annie Awesome and Danny Snakes, half of Minnesota's punk 4-some The Soviettes. One of the reasons I chose this is because of the prevalence of 2 person bands these days. Usually it just sounds like half a band to me, but for some reason the Snakes’ brand of booze-soaked bar room riffing makes only having bass and drums sound like an advantage.

And now, a look towards the Future:
Even though I still haven’t come close to wrapping my brain around the musical landscape of ‘06, here are a couple tracks off some of the upcoming ‘07 albums I’m most excited about.

Deerhoof - +81

The new album, called Friend Opportunity will hit stores on Jan. 23rd. You can read more about the album and their upcoming tour HERE, as well as listen to unreleased tracks off Deerhoof’s masterpiece Reveille.

Burial of an Era - In Light of Consuming Darkness

Madison death metal gods Burial of an Era have finally finished mixing their long-awaited first LP The Remains of Judgment. Once out, you’ll be able to buy it off their website. Thanks to a Midwestern leak, Transmissions From Wintermute gives you a sneak peak unavailable anywhere else on the intra-net. Hoo-ray! You can also listen to their 2004 EP HERE.


Blogger Grant Miller said...

"Incinerate" is Sonic Youth's best single of 1989.

I will try and find Pavement's "1979." I've got a crappy version somewhere. If I can't find it on a disc, it may be on my old computer. If that's the case, it could be a bit.

I'm not sure if they covered it more than once, but I know they played it when I saw them in Chicago circa 1999.

January 12, 2007 3:18 AM  
Blogger Hannah said...

When I come home I'm going to crash your music collection. (Like, take over and revel in, not destroy.)

January 12, 2007 3:52 AM  
Blogger Mazur said...

Grant Miller, as a Sonic Youth aficionado, what is your opinion on Rather Ripped?

If you find that "1979" bootleg that would be awesome because I'd love to hear it, but if its a pain in the ass to find, don't worry about it. There's grumblings of a Pavement reunion tour in the air. Westie, Ibold, and Malkmus have all been recently touring with other bands (like Sonic Youth), but I don't know if that makes a reunion more or less likely.

Hannah, if you had not loaned/given me that Ween, that Pixies, and that John Zorn cd back in the dorms, my music collection would be drastically suckier. So come home and revel away. Send me a postcard from Indonesia before you split though. Somethin' smutty.

January 12, 2007 11:11 PM  
Blogger Grant Miller said...

I like "Rather Ripped" more than "Sonic Nurse." A lot more. As they've gotten older, I think they've actually become better songwriters, perhaps at the expense of flat out crazy guitar sounds a la "Bad Moon Rising" and other SST records. But hey a good Sonic Youth song is damn near priceless.

January 19, 2007 3:19 AM  
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