Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Hello world. Due to blizzards, ezarchive malfunctions, life and geographic rearrangements, and Gen. Sloth, Transmissions From Wintermute has been in stasis for over a week now. We wholeheatedly appologize to our three devoted readers for the cataclysmic loss of our blog in your life.

To help re-esteablish our once glorious readership, here are a string of vulgar words as search engine bait: assbucket, sluthole, trough, young boys, upskirt shots, basket, Brittney Spears, syrupy flap jacks, Mark Foley sex tape, Dr.PhilCocainHookersRage, fuck-spaces, astronaut porno-ago-go, clown snuff, Grant Miller naked, sluts on a bus, bucket, slut-trough, Cannibal Holocaust, crumbum, glory-hole golfing, buckets, donky punch, Paul Reiser, assbasket.

To make up for our irresponsible absence, in the next week our blog will explode with a shitstorm of volcanic blog-tivitiy as never before beheld by human/robot-hybrid eyes, including the long awaited conclusions to our Best of '06 Mix Tape, Mazur’s best of film school list, and ohmygodimmike´s world mix tape.

In honor of us all being in the same room (and same town) together for the first time since the birth of How I Learned..., here, as never before in the history of the intra-net are pictures of us, and the food we ate today.

Here’s a song, by our collective favorite band, hailing our glorious return to your life.

Just Friends - Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons

-DJ, Laz, Mazur, ohmygodimmike

P.S. Correctly link the picture to the plate of food, or correct blogger identity, and win a signed print by Laz, or a signed DVD of one of Mazur’s films.

Now we’re all gonna go out and get wasted together, before Laz’ flight back to Stockholm.


Anonymous aida said...

plate 1 = MAZUR
plate 2 = OMGIMMIKE
plate 3 = LAZ
plate 4 = DJ

how do I know this? well, plate number 3 was easy, it is the only one that looks healthy so it has to be Lazs, she is swedish and swedes eat good and healthy food.

plate number 4, easy too, DJ you eat a lot and you are always hungry. you couldn't even wait until the photo was taken..

plate number 1 (what the hell is that? eggs with butter?) that has to be Mazur, you look a bit pale (it could just be the light), and who wouldn't on a egg and butter diet.

plate number 2, belongs to OMGIMMIKE, simply because Laz said you were part italian, and italian people like good food, and that looks sort of good..

no. everything looks bad. I can't wait to get to america..

January 11, 2007 9:00 PM  
Blogger Mazur said...

Wrong. Although your reasoning was brillant indeed.

And yes. I am pale. But that's considered super attractive in America. Trust me.

January 11, 2007 9:57 PM  
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