Monday, April 09, 2007

Ok I Guess I Haven't Posted In a While

I've had a few ideas for posts, but they always end up building up in my mind into too-large proportions and I end up not ever getting around to writing them down. As a result, and a compromise I'm going to make this a little short, and not a little bit ADD.

Theme: Afrofuturism - I read this essay (how could it not be named Black to The Future) on African-American Science fiction which was quite enlightening. Afterwards I couldn't help but notice that often times black Sci-Fi writers are filed under regular fiction despite the fact that they are totally uncompromisingly Sci-Fi with the exception that maybe theres a person of African descent on the cover instead of a white male in a space suit.
So what does this mean? Is it degrading to be filed as genre fiction? Are people afraid to put this denigration on a black writer, while in turn removing them from their primary audience of SF readers? Are either of these beliefs/actions right? I'm sure the comments will be flooded with the philosophical socio-economic implications of this issue.

Topic 2:

This very weird music video to this very very awesome song.

Topic 3:

I have a friend who, like every rational human being, hates hippies. The problem is that she feels the urge to bring this issue up primarily when surrounded by them in an otherwise completely peaceful environment. Now of course I believe in standing up for what you think, but the argument goes no where, and usually in fact brings out exactly what I personally hate so much about hippies. An example of a typical exchange:

Said friend: "Phish, The Grateful Dead, man, I hate that shit."

Awkard pause by everyone in the room.

Friend again: "Man I hate all that hippie shit. It sucks."

Hippie 1: "Well I mean all I can really say is that music is my one true love in life."

Friend again: "Whatever Phish sucks. People just follow them around like a bunch of brainless puppy dogs."

Hippie 1: "Well I don't even like Phish, but Phil and Bob, man, they jam out."

Hippie 2: "The thing is that people don't just follow them around like puppy dogs. You know that every time you go to a show that its going to be totally different from every other show they've done, and its totally going to be mindblowingly awesome."

Etc, etc...

My point is why even bring it up, it gets you nowhere. I prefer to say this little prayer every night before I tuck myself in to bed. Maybe if we all say it it will come true. Please god, Oh! holy creator of the heavens and earth, reach down thy mighty hand and smite these hippie foes of mine.

Here though, is a pretty brilliant hippie song that came out in the last six months or so.

Vic Thrill - Circus of Enlightenment


Goran Bregovic - Ederlezi

The title track to a sometimes over-dramatic collection of movie soundtracks by the eastern European composer. I've been liking it recently, and although I know most of you already have it, I'll still post it for those less than hip readers of ours out there.

The picture above by the way, is my man Samuel Delany.