Friday, January 12, 2007

3 Good Songs released in the last 12 Months

These are all pictures from Iraq. Those are the more tasteful ones; don't click here unless you have the stomach for it. I wanted to put together this collage to give Americans an image of what our media isn't showing. Although the website I got these from sucks and probably shouldn't exist in the way it does, the power of the internet can't and musn't be stopped.

2006 left a residue of violence in the minds of many and my contribution to the best of 2006 mixtape will hopefully act accordingly.

Sex and/or rape can be used as a metaphor for power. It gives some people (Bush) an erection that must be brought to ejaculation and usually leaves the sexually abused (Iraq) a feeling of dryness, dissatisfaction and horror that five minutes of being brutally raped will imprint on someone directly or indirectly for the rest of his/her life. So in other words we can pull out now and Iraqi's and the rest of the middle east will still hate us for the rest of time; there's nothing anyone can do to fix this. Not dems, not republicans, not greens. It is FUBAR.

This Brazilian girls song conveys that metaphor well.

Brazilian Girls - Never Met a German

The next song has nothing to do with destructive libidos but a good song even though. This song makes me long to backpack Europe again, and drink wine in terraces outside with fellow backpackers, who although I've never met, instantly become like-minded companions so far from home. Beirut is our diplomat to the rest of the world. They are cultured, likable and worldly; maybe even otherworldly. Though I still think they are more indie rock than eastern European.

Beirut - Elephant Gun

The next song is from the Electric Gypsyland 2 album I posted a song from a while back. Buscemi is a Belgian DJ who normally mixes Brazilian dance and gives Kocani Orkestar a loungy exotic feel.

Buscemi vs Kocani Orkestar - Alone At My Wedding