Saturday, January 27, 2007


A little while ago I read a book named "The Fortress Of Solitude," by Jonathan Lethem. The story chronicled the main character's life, basically from birth to his post college years, also tracking the de-gentrification of his neighborhood, the rise of hip-hop in new york, the later birth of punk, and the lives of his father, childhood friend's and one of their fathers as well.

In the book, the protagonist's father, Abraham Edbus, is a struggling artist who paints science fiction book covers to make enough cash to get by and is working on an experimental video art masterpiece. This character, I later learned, is based on a real-life person named Ed Emshwiller. Although the resemblances are not all that similar, seeing as the real-life counterpart did not quite resent his dayjob as much as Lethem's character. Emshwiller was one of the first artists to embrace computer animation and test it's capabilites, a true science fiction-minded artist. He was also married to celebrated New Wave SF writer Carol Emshwiller who is said to have been the model for all the cover females he painted.

Anyways, thats about all I know about that. I do enjoy his videos though, Sunstone is my favorite.



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