Friday, January 19, 2007

Random Post #1

Numbers - The Fuck You Garage

The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Don’t Forget Me

In the spirit of blog-tivity, I’m gonna upload some stuff that I’ve been looking for an excuse to post for months. Our blog is pretty random as it is, but I feel we’ve always had a certain order and topicality to our randomness which I liked (because it kept me sane). Well, that order and sanity dies here, within the confines of this post. It’s like anarchy, except way less sexy (like a riot at the chess club, or an orgy at a Star Trek convention).

The randomness begins with the above still which is, yes, Vincent Price holding a homemade stake, after a hard day of zombie-vampire slaughter. It’s from AIP (an independent studio specializing in B-movies, from back in the days of drive-ins and Hollywood vertical integration)’s 1964 post-apocalyptic horror flick, The Last Man on Earth (which The Omega Man was later based on). It has absolutely nothing to do with the songs that follow. (Thanks to Brain’s Drive In Theater for the still).

The first of which is by California’s post-pop outfit Numbers (named after a term from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s seminal Soviet Sci-FI novel, We, which Huxley claimed to have ripped off for Brave New World). A reference completely fitting for a band who, with their mechanical melodies and unmodulated yelling, find a way to bring human emotion/expression to a boiling point by confining it within an ultra-restrictive musical framework. The track is off their 3rd and most recent LP, ‘05’s We’re Animals. If you need anymore info about the band, this single sentence from their website’s bio should answer any and all possible questions: “Indra Dunis plays the drums of eternal liberty and sings upon the wind, Eric Landmark plays the keyboards of undying devotion to true personal freedom and Dave Broekema plays the guitar of 1000 mighty naked rayguns.” More downloads available at their website as well.

The second track is by Minneapolis’s The God Damn Doo Woop Band. I uploaded a song by them a few months ago in my Halloween post, and interestingly enough, our site gets more hits due to that song than because of any other band we’ve posted. Since the original link is dead (obviously, since we were the recipient of the very esteemed 2006 Grant Miller Drysdale Award for most broken links), and since the intra-net is all about democracy, I thought I’d give the public what they want. You can listen to two more tracks off their debut Broken Hearts, at their myspace page.

Since we are the cyber-queens of broken links, if you ever want anything relinked, just let us know in the comments and we’ll be more than happy to la-la-la-la-la-la-la-link it.



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